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Common Ways to use Crystals and Stones | How to work with Crystals

Crystals are a great way to invite positive changes into any aspect of your life. Whether you are new to crystals or ready to take your holistic healing journey to the next level, crystals are a great addition to any routine, ritual, alter, and life in general. They can help promote peace, confidence, cleansing, motivation, and more. The best part is that this can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. There are a multitude of ways to incorporate healing crystals and stones into your life and the most effective method will be whatever resonates with you (how easy is that??). The following is a few examples of how to use crystals but it is by no means a complete list. If you don’t see something here that speaks to you, that's okay. Use it as a starting point and utilize your other available resources (books, online materials, friends, etc) for ideas on how to use your crystals. If you are looking for more step-by-step guidance, check out the Crystal healing eCourse I offer here

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Crystals for Home Decor
Placing crystals around your home is probably the easiest method of use. Simply choose crystals you are intuitively attracted to or ones you've sought out due to their metaphysical properties (like my Crystal Index here). Some people choose large stones to have as centerpieces. Popular choices are large geodes or clusters such as Amethyst, Clear quartz, Citrine, and more. They are eye catching and great conversation starters. Additionally they can align the energies in your home quickly and last for long periods of time before they need to be cleansed and charged again. A great choice if your space is exposed to frequent negative energy is an Amethyst to continuously ward off the negativities. 

Crystal Grids

Similar to the previous method, Crystal grids can keep the energy in your home balanced. However, unlike decor, Crystal grids can be more focused and geared toward a singular cause such as blocking negative energy or encouraging motivation. Grids work by programming multiple stones to work together toward a common goal. Crystal grids can be done for temporary use and dismantled after you’re finished or they can be set up on a shelf or table and left more long term. They should be created on a cloth, wood slice, or even a sheet of paper (but preferably not just on the floor or ground). 

Crystal GridGrids are commonly done using some sort of geometric pattern (especially sacred geometry since it is the blueprint of universal creation) but can be created in whatever pattern the you find appealing. Choose stones that compliment each other based on what you are seeking to accomplish (such as amethyst and black tourmaline for cleansing/blocking negativities) plus several clear quartz points. My favorite grid method uses an amethyst cluster for the center (since clusters are more powerful than smaller crystals), four additional stones (two of each kind), and four clear quartz points. This layout is simple and you can accomplish a wide variety of things with it. Crystal grids can also be done on the body but we won't go into that now for the sake of time. However, if you are interested in trying out a Crystal grid, here is a collection of Crystals for just that

Pendulums and Dowsing 
Crystal Pendulums (also known as Dowsing) are an ancient divination technique used to answer yes/no questions. Although dowsing can be done with rods or a forked twig, crystal pendulums are increasingly popular and consist of a stone (commonly some form of quartz such as clear, rose, or amethyst) suspended on a chain or string. A simple Etsy or Amazon search for ‘crystal pendulum’ will yield a plethora of options to choose from. Using a pendulum is simple and is done by first establishing the difference between yes and no. When a pendulum is suspended from your hand, simply ask it a yes question that you know the answer to (such as ‘am I alive?’) and the pendulum will move in either a circular or singular (left/right, back/forward, etc) movement. This is the base answer and the opposite movement will mean ‘no’. For example, If you ask ‘am I alive?’ and it moves in a circular motion, you will know that, during that session, the pendulum will move in a circular movement for each ‘yes’ response and it will move in a back and forth/side to side movement for ‘no’ responses.

Meditating with Crystals is a great option too. Simply choose whichever stones are calling to you before you begin and sit with them either in your hands, on your body, or surrounding you in your special space. Doing this daily can really help you connect with your stones and get to know them and their unique energies. Additionally, it can help connect you with your higher self and inner truth. After awhile, you may gain a preference for meditating with a certain stone. For example, I love the mental clarity from meditating with my clear quartz.

Gem Elixirs
Gem Elixirs infuse water with the healing energies of stones and many argue that it even affects the flavor of their water. This can be done indirectly or directly. I wont go into much detail on the direct method (placing crystals directly into your water) since I don’t personally advocate it in my practice. Many stones are not safe for the direct method so if this is something you want to explore further, please exercise caution, good judgment, and do plenty of research first. The indirect method of making a gem elixir is fairly straightforward- simply choose the stone you want to use and place in in a dish along with (but not IN) a glass of water. This method is just as effective as the direct method because crystals work via vibrations and energy which pass right through the glass and remain in the water (which has a crystalline atomic structure like the mineral kingdom which retains energy) that would later be consumed by you. Leave the crystal near your water for as long as you want (again, trusting your intuition). Size and variety of stone is also up to you. Try different things and see what feels best to you since everyone experiences crystals differently.

Balancing Chakras with Crystals
Chakra healing is another popular way to use crystals. Chakras are energy points along the body. Each one is responsible for a different aspect of human nature and when they are out of balance, the effects can manifest in a variety of ways from depression to fatigue or even physical ailments. Balancing your Chakras can be as simple or as complex as you want (meditating with them, carrying a different one each day in your pocket while you focus on that chakra, or even just placing them around your space). Chakra Crystal NecklacesThe easiest way to use them, in my opinion, is to lay down on your back and place the associated stone over its chakra while saying the appropriate affirmation. You can find chakra crystal sets within your own collection or purchase a set specifically charged for this purpose. The sets I sell come with a stone for each chakra, an organza bag to carry them in, and a guide to chakras and crystals (including the affirmation for each). Check out more details on the set here or read more about Chakras and Crystals here.

Routines and Rituals
Crystals are a great compliment to rituals, routines, spells, etc. Smudging, for example, uses sage to clear negative energies and by adding crystals to your smudge routine, you greatly increase the efficiency and longevity of the cleansing (learn more about cleansing, protecting your space with Crystals and herbs in this blog post). Check out some Herb and Crystal collections here.

Crystals in the Garden

Crystals can also be placed in gardens or plant pots to increase yield and speed up plant growth and vitality. Be sure to check your crystals water solubility before placing them in with plants since the plants will need to be watered and the stones will get wet.

There are so many ways to use crystals, I recommend doing some experiments to see which techniques feel best for you. Im always happy to help if you have any questions or comments


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