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metaphysical guide to healing crystals

These are metaphysical associations and not to be taken as medical advice in any way. Message me with any questions, I'm always happy to help. 

Agate: Balances Yin-Yang energies, stabilizes the auric field, beneficial for self reflection and emotional health

Amazonite: Encourages self expression and release of aggression and grief. Great for relationships.

Amethyst: ‘The Stone of Spirituality and Contentment’. Release of addictions/ negativities, aids in decision making.

Angel Aura Quartz: Encourages joy, optimism, and contentment. Enhances concentration during meditation.

Apatite (Blue): ‘The Stone of the Future’, clears mental confusion and awakens the inner self, intellect, and intuition.

Apophyllite: Great stone for spiritual development, decision making, forgiveness, and self awareness.

Aqua Aura Quartz: Encourages expression of emotions, release of fears, and open awareness of spiritual potential

Aquamarine: Carries Ocean Goddess energy, stimulates flow of energy and communication, cools anger/ calms nerves.

Aragonite: Useful for meditation and grounding, cleanses Chakra system, promotes emotional healing and strength.*

Aventurine: Balances male/female energy. Encourages good luck, confidence, an open heart, and forgiveness.

Calcite (Honey): Amplifies energy, encourages emotional cleansing and balance, intuition, and forgiveness.

Calcite (Blue): Goddess energy, intuitive awareness, overcomes artistic blocks, soothes resentment, balances emotions

Calcite (Green): Promotes release of negative patterns, fosters forgiveness, renews purpose, aligns heart and mind.

Calcite (Orange): Encourages new endeavors and breaking old habits. Promotes playfulness and confidence.

Carnelian: Promotes confidence, courage, passion, creativity, and grounding

Celestite: Excellent for grounding, mental activities, going with the flow, facilitates astral travel and Goddess connection

Chrysocolla: ‘The Stone of Peace’. Promotes patience, harmony, and peace. Purifies home and environment.

Chrysoprase: Stimulates growth, abundance, an open heart, and expansion.

Citrine: Abundance, decision making, new beginnings, self esteem, mental focus, endurance, and good luck

Emerald: The stone of luck, love, and prosperity. Encourages trust in the Universe and oneself.

Fluorite: Encourages revealing of one’s purpose. Known as the genius stone. Promotes inner peace.

Jasper (Red): Encourages grounding, courage, vitality, and balances Yin-Yang energy.

Jasper (Green): Good fortune and energizes 'tired' homes, encourages introspection and creativity.

Jasper (Yellow):  Helps build courage and self confidence, excellent for self study and self development.

Blue Kyanite: Can stimulate lucid dreaming, promotes emotional, spiritual, and physical balance

Labradorite: Analysis, magic, mental clarity, inspiration, protection.

Lepidolite: Promotes reduction of stress, anxiety, and worry. Encourages acceptance of present moment.

Lithium Quartz: Balances the subtle body, calming, inner peace, aids in relief from nightmares and traumatic events

Obsidian (Apache Tear): Promotes strength and stamina, protection from negativity, psychic protection.

Pyrite: Encourages prosperity and abundance. Excellent for new ventures, especially creative endeavors. Protective.

Quartz (Clear): Balances energy field, mental clarity, inner peace, amplifies energy of other stones.

Quartz (Phantom): Releasing emotional baggage and Universal awareness.

Quartz (Rose): Peace, love, creativity, Goddess energy.

Ruby Sapphire: Great stone for wealth, prosperity, revitalizing energy. Enhances focus, discipline, and mental agility.

Sodalite: Calming, focuses energy, mental healing, emotional expression, intuition.

Selenite: Cleanses and charges other crystals nearby, emotional balance, restores harmony

Spirit Quartz: Encourages opening of psychic awareness, recharges energy field, unleashes inner child, and joy

Tigers Eye: Intuition, courage, new beginnings, and sharpening the mind.

Titanium Quartz: May help align entire Chakra system, stimulates endocrine and immune system

Black Tourmaline: One of the most powerful stones to repel negativities, heals fear and panic

Topaz (Blue): Calms a busy mind, stimulates thinking through of complex ideas, increases focus