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  • How to Shop Smart and Avoid FAKE Crystals

    How to Shop Smart and Avoid FAKE Crystals

    There has been a LOT of talk in the online community about fake Crystals and stones. The fear is much more real than I realized (or I would have written this blog post much sooner!).  The first thing to do is relax. Take a deep breath and smile. You’ve come to the right place and I promise you, it is way easier than you think to avoid fake Crystals.  As a side note, I want to mention that I use the terms 'Crystals' and 'stones' interchangeably in this article as many Crystal Healers do.  Crystals operate on higher vibrational frequencies...

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  • Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Crystals

    Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Crystals

    There are so many things to learn about Crystals but here are ten to get you started! They emit their own frequencies! Quartz has long been used in technology for its ability to emit such a regular frequency when stimulated. They have the most orderly atomic structure in nature which results in the slowest rate of entropy (the rate at which things break down). There are so many kinds of Quartz but the most common ones are Clear, Rose, Amethyst, Citrine, and Smokey. Quartz changes color when there are other minerals present while it grows. Speaking of Citrine, did you...

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  • how to create an alter

    How to Create an Altar | Working with Sacred Space

    An altar is a space you can gather all of your favorite items (Crystals, statues, herbs, smudge materials, etc). It is the place you can go to find your center and it is the place you can do important self work (yoga, spells, rituals, meditation, etc). For me, my altar space feels like home base. When things get crazy (and as a mom of two littles, it DOES get crazy!), I can come to my altar space and reconnect with myself, take a few deep breaths, light some incense, and re center before I jump back into life. Altars can...

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  • diy smudging with herbs and crystals

    Cleansing and Protecting Your Space with Crystals and Herbs

    Is your space feeling a bit stagnant? Build ups of negative energy or spiritual presences can cause the vibes in a room or home to spiral downhill promoting energy depletion, low motivation, and brewing frustrations. If this sounds like you, it may be time for your space to get a quick pick-me-up. Redecorating, adding plants, and circulating the air are usually what people turn to first when things feel stagnant at home (or office, car, school- anywhere you spend your time). But sometimes that’s just not enough. Regularly cleansing and protecting your space with Crystals and herbs is a power...

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  • how to choose crystals and stones

    How to Choose Crystals and Stones | Crystals & Creations

    It seems that everyone has a growing Crystal collection. The Mineral Kingdom has so much to offer but there are SO many to choose from- how do you know which ones are right for you?  There are so many different ways to choose the right crystals for you. The good news is that there is no wrong way- just listen to your intuition and go with what feels right. If you still aren't sure, here are a few common ways to choose: Birthday Using your birth date is a straightforward way to choose crystals and stones. You can go simply...

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  • cleansing charging and programming crystals

    Cleansing, Charging, and Programming Crystals | Working with Healing Crystals and Stones

    Crystals pick up energy from their environments, often storing this energy for long periods of time which can have an impact on the next person who uses them. Crystals generally need to be cleansed and charged every month to every few months (or at the very least before introducing them to new energy). This gives them a good, clean start- like taking a deep breath for the next adventure! Using crystals that haven’t been cleansed and charged brings that old, stagnant energy into places it shouldn’t be- like your presence! It can result in useless, lackluster, or even broken stones....

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