Intuitively Chosen Raw Crystal Set


Not sure what crystals to choose? I can choose stones for you! COMES WITH FIVE crystals (approximately at least one inch each, individually labeled), a note breaking down why each stone was chosen for you, and a metaphysical guide. This is a natural, raw crystal set intuitively chosen by a certified crystal and vibrational healer, special just for you and your unique journey! Makes a great gift and is perfect for beginners too!

Processing times are approximately ten business days with a total potential wait time of 2-4 weeks. Message me before an order is placed if you need it by a certain date and I will always do my best. 

***How are the stones chosen? Intuition describes receiving information or knowledge without being aware of why or where it came from. When I select your stones, I focus on you, the description/preferences you left at check out (in the ‘message to seller’ box), and choose whichever stones ‘call out’ (so to speak) to be sent to you. I also take into consideration the styles and qualities of stones available at the time of packing your order. :)

This collection of stones can be for a specific goal (such as peace, creativity, motivation, etc) or not. Please use the ‘message to seller’ box at check out to leave any info you would like me to consider while choosing your stones. You can leave information regarding goals, intentions, preferences, etc or leave it blank for a complete surprise. Stones are selected by me personally based on a variety of factors including the info you share, the quality of inventory I have in stock (I always send the best of what is available), and a general feeling of which stones ‘call out’ to be sent to you.

Be sure to leave the recipient’s name in the ‘message to seller’ box at check out if it is not the name listed on the order.  

This listing is for me to select stones for you from my shop. All stones will be approximately at least one inch each. The style of stones you receive will vary depending on value, selection available at the time of packing your order, etc. **Please do not request specific stones. This cannot necessarily be honored.

Although this listing is for me to choose stones for you, your set MIGHT include any of the following (or some that may not be listed):

Lepidolite (slabs or chunks)
Yellow Jasper
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Blue Kyanite
Blue Calcite
Tigers Eye
Red Jasper
Orange Calcite
Apache Tear (Obsidian)
Black Tourmaline
Green Jasper

Since these stones are in their natural form, the colors will vary. For example, fluorite may vary from green to blue to purple to banded (striped) or any combination thereof. If youd like to see the exact stones youll receive please message me and i will happily send you some samples to choose from.

The photos in this listing are strictly for example and are from other sets of crystals currently or previously for sale in this shop. 

Please note that purchasing more than one of these sets (or this set in addition to other sets in my shop) may result in receiving multiples of the same style of stone. Message me before purchasing multiple sets of ‘intuitively chosen’ crystals to discuss what you are looking for (unless you don’t mind receiving repeats).

Citrine, Aura Quartz, treated, polished, or otherwise altered stones are not available in this listing. This listing is for six natural stones that measure at least one inch each. Message me with questions. :)