Intuitively Chosen Raw Crystal Set


Not sure what to choose? I can choose for you! Natural raw crystal set intuitively chosen by a certified crystal and vibrational healer, special just for you!

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This collection of stones can be for a specific goal (ie if you want to encourage peace, creativity, etc) or not. Entirely up to you. You choose how many stones you would like and whether you have a specific goal in mind (be sure to include this info at check out in the 'message to seller' box) and I will intuitively create a wonderful set just for you! 




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All stones will be approximately at least one inch. The number of stones you receive will vary depending on value. **Please do not request a specific number of stones. This request cannot (and/or will not) always be honored. Message me with questions. Thank you!**


All stones come cleansed and charged in an organza bag, labeled,  with a description of their metaphysical associations. The perfect gift or addition to any crystal collection, office, home, and more! 


**Please read on for important information about this listing**


Although this listing is for me to choose stones for you, your set MIGHT include any of the following (or some that may not be listed): 



Lepidolite (slabs or chunks)


Yellow Jasper

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz




Blue Kyanite


Blue Calcite

Tigers Eye

Red Jasper

Orange Calcite



Apache Tear (Obsidian)

Black Tourmaline 

Green Jasper


Since these stones are in their natural form, the colors will vary. For example, fluorite may vary from green to blue to purple to banded (striped) or any combination thereof. If youd like to see the exact stones youll receive please message me and i will happily send you some samples to choose from. 


The photos in this listing are strictly for example and are from other sets of crystals currently or previously for sale in this shop. There is a shop section here full of other crystal singles and sets. Customer satisfaction is key so if you dont see what youre looking for, please message me and i will be happy to help however i can.


Although your order will come with a description of metaphysical properties for your selected stones, it will NOT come with a description of why those stones were chosen for you. HOWEVER, if you message me after your order is placed, I will be happy to break down the reason i chose each stone. Thank you for understanding. :)