NEW Workshop: Crystal Healing for Personal Evolution

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Join me in my latest workshop where we dive into the meaning of personal evolution and how to align with your best self through the healing properties of Crystals! In this workshop, we discuss:

*What personal evolution is and what it means to be our best selves. Who are you?

*The evolution of recent research behind our mind, body, spirit complexes- what it means to be a healthy and happy human. What are you? 

*The many layers of reality as well as the many layers that comprise us. You are so much more than this physical world can perceive, beautiful dreamer.

*What Crystals can offer- how they work and how to get the most out of your collection. We cover some basics to recap and then dive into more in depth Crystal healing techniques. This workshop is great for any level of Crystal lover! 

*Guided meditations, Crystal grid ideas, gem elixir recipes, self care rituals, and so much more! 

This is a ten part digital workshop that is sent via several emails. Although there are ten segments, there are tons of extra segments along with the main ten.

Use your current Crystal collection or purchase one of my kits (any of them will work well as companions to the course)- browse them all by clicking here