NEW- Personal Evolution with Crystals Workshop

$40.00 $100.00

Join our 10-day workshop on Personal Evolution with Crystals and explore different ways to use crystals to enhance your personal growth journey. Each day, we'll cover a different aspect of personal evolution with crystals, including rituals, practices, daily affirmations, various crystals descriptions, and energetic applications. You'll learn how to set intentions with crystals, clear negative energy, connect with your higher self, manifest your dreams, enhance creativity, strengthen relationships, balance your chakras, and maintain personal growth with crystals. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their personal growth journey and explore the power of crystals. Join us today and start your journey towards personal evolution with crystals!


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Here are some highlights of what is covered in this workshop:

Day 1: Introduction to Personal Evolution with Crystals

Day 2: Setting Intentions with Crystals

Day 3: The Power of Crystal Affirmations

Day 4: The Energy of the Chakras

Day 5: Healing Emotional Wounds with Crystals

Day 6: Cultivating Self-Love and Compassion with Crystals

Day 7: Connecting with Your Higher Self through Crystals

Day 8: Crystal Energy for Clearing Blockages and Obstacles

Day 9: Integrating Crystals into Your Daily Routine

Day 10: Manifesting Your Dreams with Crystal Energy