Crystals & Creations Showroom Now Offers In-Person Shopping

Looking to shop in person? The Crystals & Creations Showroom is booking appointments now! Currently there are 30 minute time slots. 1-2 people at a time may shop. I will personally be meeting with you for your appointment and consultations are available.

Crystal healing sessions (body grids, chakra balancing, spiritual guidance, and more) are also available upon request. I am certified in Crystal and Vibrational healing and have been doing private energy balancing sessions for several years. 

The Crystals & Creations Showroom is located off Willamette and W 11th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. To book an appointment, click the link below.

There are a plethora of treasures available in the showroom that are not for sale in my Etsy shop including:

Display Amethysts, Extra Class Amethyst Clusters, Bahia Amethyst Points, Untreated Citrine Points, Celestite Clusters, Aura Quartz Clusters, Smokey Quartz Clusters, Calcite Spheres, Carbbean Calcite Palm Stones and Towers, Vanadinite, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Selenite, Apophyllite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, and more! The showroom is still under construction but the shelves are filling quickly!