Crystal Terrarium Box | Healing Crystal Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Terrarium Box with optional healing Crystals (Amethyst and Clear Quartz)! Perfect gift for anyone! Beautifully rustic and enchanting!

    MADE TO ORDER. One Box. (Crystals are optional)

    Approximately 6.25" x 4.75" x 3.75"

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    This unique, made to order box is perfect for any space and offers a variety of eye catching features. A carefully wood burned distress design adorns the natural wood and offers an Earthy home for genuine moss and four crystals (all optionally included!).

    This set brings a bit of nature into your space without over doing it. Nestled in this beautiful selection of moss are (optionally) four crystals- cleansed, charged, and ready for a new home! Add your own crystals too, or keep it simple- either way, this unique decor is sure to turn heads.

    Natural wood box measuring approximately 6.25" x 4.75" x 3.75" and includes glass windows on four sides and the lid (which has a latch).

    Genuine Amethyst crystal cluster and three genuine clear quartz points (not necessarily the exact ones pictured but absolutely stunning!).

    Moss included (maintenance free!)

    Please remember that this is a made to order item that will look slightly different than the one pictured- with its own unique charm made just for you!

    Before adding this item to your cart, you have the choice of purchasing just the wood burned box and moss OR the wood burned box, moss, and four crystals (three clear quartz and one amethyst cluster).