Guided Chakra Balance | Learn How to Balance Your Energy!


Learn from an expert with this guided Chakra balancing session.

This is combination workshop that includes everything you need to get your Chakra journey going! Physical Chakra Stones, digital materials, AND phone guidance!

Comes with the following:

*Deluxe Chakra Stone Collection featuring 7 stones (one for each Chakra) 

*Chakra Breakdown PHYSICAL informational sheet

*Chakra Breakdown DIGITAL information (save it, print it, reference it later, etc)

*One Distance Healing Session/Workshop- Guided by a certified Crystal and Vibrational Healer, this phone call session can last up to 30 minutes and includes:

                1. Ask your Chakra questions, get your answers in live time

                2. Guidance to discovering which of your Chakras are out of balance

                3. Guidance to one 7 Chakra balancing session

This is the ultimate purchase if you are READY to find balance! It's simple, straightforward, informative, personalized, and results oriented!

Once your order is placed, your physical products will be shipped to you with expedited care- 1-3 day processing and 1-3 day shipping (which means you get to cut the processing line and get your items faster!). When you receive your order, reach out to me and let me know- we can discuss the best time to call and chat. During our 30 minute discussion over the phone, I will answer your Chakra questions and walk you through the process of determining which ones need extra attention and how to work on these in your day to day. Additionally, I will walk you through a Chakra balancing session.

By the end of our phone call, the goal is to have your questions answered, your Chakra tool kit stocked, and give you valuable guidance to balancing your Chakras (tips, tricks, and and advice to get you started and increase your confidence). 

Shipping and expedited processing is INCLUDED in the price! 

This is a great gift for anyone who is interested in balancing their Chakras from the comfort of their own home! 

Who am I? My name is Elica and I am certified in Crystal and Vibrational Healing. I have been working with the healing energies of Crystals for years and love to share what I have learned! Save yourself the trouble of weeding through the fakes, phonies, and false information that comes with researching how to do something yourself. I have the experience and education to help you right now!

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