Subscription Boxes by Crystals & Creations

Healing crystals and handcrafted creations in a unique monthly subscription to encourage balance, increased motivation, enhanced connection with self, and more!

Subscription boxes are so popular right now! But I know not everyone is ready for a fees to be automatically renewing each month. With this listing, you can purchase 1-3 months up front and never worry about your card being charged again (of course until you are ready for more!)!

Save ten dollars when you subscribe to 3 months! FREE domestic shipping on all!

There are two sizes to choose from and they ship out 1-4 weeks after purchase (and then monthly after that if you choose to purchase more than one month up front).

Spirit Box includes a variety of crystals, herbs, jewelry, decor, aromatherapy, educational material, or other crystal themed treasures!

Big Box includes a larger variety of crystal goodies and often includes hand crafted decor such as galaxy painted items and terrarium jars. Also may include hand crafted jewelry, crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, and more! 

If you are looking for subscription boxes that CAN renew automatically every month, click here to browse all subscriptions boxes by Crystals & Creations.

Please note that subscription boxes are not included in my regular return policies due to the fact that once orders are placed, the money is automatically used to purchase materials. Returns and refunds ARE accepted but they are subject to approval. Email me with questions to

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