Citrine Crystal Cluster | Abundance and Luck

Citrine resonates with the lower Chakras and encourages abundance, good fortune, and prosperity! Perfect for anyone seeking energy, optimism, and luck! 

One rough Citrine cluster crystal similar to the ones pictured.

Approximately at least one full inch each.

Great to have in any area- office, home, car, etc. Great for pockets, pouches, purses, grids, meditation, decor, gifts, and more!

Each comes carefully wrapped in an organza bag.

This listing is for 1 (one) stone

This Citrine, like most on the market today, is actually heat treated Amethyst. This does NOT mean that it is a man made stone or ineffective. Genuine Citrine is heated deep within the Earth over long periods of time. Heat treated Citrine just gets heated in a lab over a shorter period of time. 

Each measures approximately 1 inch. They are just the right size for creating crystal grids or to hold while meditating and more- the uses are many!

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