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**HOLIDAY NOTE: THIS ITEM MAY NOT ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Please message me with questions. Thank you!** 7 NATURAL STONES in a perfectly petite, pocket size! Genuine healing Chakra Crystal set featuring SEVEN raw stones (at least a half inch each- see below for details) AND a simple guide to Chakras and crystals.

This special set is curated with the expert knowledge gained from years of crystal experience and a certification in crystal and vibrational healing (read more in the 'About' section).

Rough Crystals and Stones are a wonderful gift from Mother Earth and have much higher vibration than tumbled stones. Working with Crystals in their natural state is the best way to get the most out of your personal healing journey with them. Each crystal is expertly cleansed and charged before shipping. Your unique set will also come in an organza bag with a Chakra guide and description of the stones' metaphysical associations.

.5 inch each

Root- Red-Red Jasper
Sacral-Orange-Tigers Eye or Yellow Jasper
Solar Plexus-Yellow-Chrysoprase
Heart-Green-Rose Quartz
Throat-Blue-Apatite or Sodalite
Third Eye-Indigo-Amethyst (cluster OR chunk- see photo)
Crown-Purple/White-Clear Quartz

The perfect gift for anyone wanting to balance their Chakras or collect crystals!

PRICE INCLUDES SEVEN STONES (similar but not identical to the ones pictured- see below for details)

**Order processing is 2-5 business days. Domestic shipping takes approximately 2-5 days.**

SEVEN stones included- one for each Chakra (availability changes based on what I have in stock. Message me for exact stones):

*NOTE* The stones chosen for each Chakra have more to do with their energy than their color. Chakra healing is about so much more than color. Learn more in my latest blog post about Chakras at or message me with questions.

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They come labeled and carefully wrapped in an organza bag along with a simple guide to Chakras and Crystals.

SHIPPING: Order processing takes 2-5 business days and domestic shipping takes 2-5 additional days to arrive. I'm working hard to process orders quicker but I did have a baby very recently so I am still healing and cannot go too much quicker just yet- thank you for your patience and understanding. :)

Learn more about Chakras and Crystals at

Please note that some of the crystals were wet for their photo shoot to showcase their maximum potential. Colors and textures may vary- nature makes a wide variety! The stones you receive will be one of a kind, just like you!

Crystals measure at least one inch each and look similar to the ones pictured. Want to know exactly what your stones will look like? No problem! Shoot me a message via the 'contact' button above and let me know what you'd like to see. When i send photos, if you like the set, orders must be placed within 24 hours (i cannot hold specific sets unless orders are placed).