Peace and Balance Crystal Set

Crystals for peace and balance. FIVE stones to encourage calming energies, soothed anxieties, disharmony, and stress. This crystal collection features amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, lepidolite, and aventurine. These valuable holistic tools can aid you in harmonizing your vibrational frequencies- balance your energy, balance your life!


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Amethyst to release old habits and negativities.

Rose Quartz for an open heart, self love, and creativity.

Selenite for harmony and soothing stressed emotions.

Aventurine for luck and abundance.

Lepidolite for peace and calm.

Perfect as a gift, at home, in the office- anywhere! Very useful in grids, decor, spells, etc- the uses are many!

Comes with four raw stones- aquamarine, selenite, rose quartz, and amethyst cluster. These beauties will arrive cleansed and charged, labeled, and gently wrapped in an organza bag. Also included- a guide to associated metaphysical properties!

Stones measure at least one inch each.