Optimism and Joy Terrarium Jar with Crystals, Herbs, and Moss


Encourage optimism and good vibes with this spiritually healing herb and crystal terrarium jar- perfect as decor or a gift! Three different herbs and various joy inspiring crystals in a terrarium style jar (approximately 6/7 inches tall) bursting with color! Clear the old energy and welcome the new!

Crystals may include Selenite, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Amethyst, and/or Blue Calcite. These will vary in size depending on what I have in stock. These stones have been programmed to work together and encourage clarity, harmony, and self expression- the perfect combination to welcome new endeavors!

Herbs included in the jars are all organic- Lavender, Rose Buds, and Calendula.

Not too big and not too small, these adorable crystal and herb terrariums each come with (similar to pictured) several crystals, real preserved moss, dried lavender, rose buds, and calendula. Beautiful energy and a burst of color all bottled up in a glass jar complete with a cork lid.

This listing is for one glass jar crystal and herb terrarium.

See photos for measurements, these eye catching jars are approximately 6/7 inches tall with a diameter of approximately 2/3 inches. The perfect size for bookshelves, desks, counters, window sills, and more!

Moss, crystals, herbs, and flowers are all genuine and preserved- they require NO maintenance!

When you receive your special jar, please remember that it may have been jumbled during transition and that the crystals are likely hiding in the moss. The cork is removable so you can rearrange the moss and crystals to look however you like. A paint brush, pencil, or other slender object will work great to move things around.