New Beginnings Crystal Set | Stones for New Endeavors

New Beginnings Crystal Set- FIVE crystals!

Get ready for the new year and your new endeavors with this expertly curated set of stones perfect for expelling the old and embracing the unknown! This set comes with FIVE crystals (similar to the ones pictured and measuring at least one inch each except the black Tourmaline which will measure at least one HALF inch), one each of the following:

Amethyst Cluster- To release negative energies and things that no longer serve your purpose/journey.

Orange Calcite- For embracing new endeavors and enjoying life.

Black Tourmaline- A powerful stone to clear and block negative energy.

Clear Quartz- To promote mental clarity.

Aventurine- To facilitate communication of one's truth and to release old baggage. Also encourages stability and calmness during spiritual development.

*Stones come cleansed and charged, labeled, in an organza bag with a description of their metaphysical properties*