Luck and Empowerment Crystal Set | Good Fortune Stones

FIVE rough healing Crystals for good luck and personal empowerment- similar to those pictured.

Citrine Cluster, Lepidolite, Aventurine, Orange Calcite, and Apache Tear (Obsidian). Each stone measures at least one inch and will come cleansed and charged, gently wrapped in an organza bag with a description of their metaphysical properties.

***Comes with one of each:

Citrine: To promote energy, self confidence, and abundance.

Aventurine: For good luck, an adventurous spirit, and an open heart

Apache Tear (Obsidian): To block negative energies and retain grounding. *This stone may measure less than one inch due to natural variations*

Lepidolite: For peace, calm, and ease of transition to new situations.

Orange Calcite: To promote positivity, playfulness, and confidence. Encourages new endeavors.

 Comes with an organza bag and a description of associated metaphysical properties- the perfect gift!

This listing is for five crystals, one of each kind, SIMILAR to the ones pictured. They measure at least one inch each (except apache tear which may be less).

Questions? Im happy to help! Please message me your questions and I'll get back to you within one day.

Elegant and rustic, crystals are natural beauties that have been aiding humanity for thousands of years. Each holds a special energy, waiting to be shared with its keeper. Some provide a soothing vibe, while other energize. Some promote healing, others focus the mind. Anyone can benefit from having crystals in their environment. The seemingly endless varieties of crystals and stones can make choosing some for yourself to be an intimidating task. Worry not, though. I have carefully selected this variety of stones to be the perfect enhancement to any activity, especially when seeking good luck and personal empowerment.

These beauties also work great for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home decor, gifts, and more!

They have been cleansed and charged on my personal alter, ready for a new home and come carefully wrapped in an organza bag, each one labeled.