Learn How to work with Crystals and Stones | Ten Guided Methods


HOW DO CRYSTALS WORK AND HOW CAN THEY HELP YOU MANIFEST THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS? Time to find out! This mini eCourse is for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of Crystal Healing, guided by an expert! 

EMBRACE your true self with the healing powers of Crystals and Stones! Guided by a Certified Crystal and Vibrational Healer, this eCourse walks you through TEN methods to bring harmony back into your life with Crystals and Stones!

Are you ready to take your holistic healing journey to the next level? It's time to invest in you! You deserve to have the guidance you need to manifest the life you want! These lessons go beyond the usual hustle and bustle of the internet and come straight to your inbox every day for ten days! 

GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CURRENT CRYSTAL COLLECTION while also building the confidence to expand and grow! 

Balance your Energy, Balance your Life- TEN Crystal based, holistic healing methods- STEP BY STEP!

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EACH LESSON includes background/explanation of the method plus instructions on how to implement it various ways, as well as a worksheet that you can print and keep to visualize and inspire you on your journey. 

TOPICS include:

  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Attunements
  • Pocket Stones/ Jewelry/ Decor
  • Affirmations/ Law of Attraction
  • Crystal Grids (body and home)
  • Protection/ Grounding/ Centering
  • Moon Phases
  • Gem Elixirs
  • and More!

This mini email course includes NO graded tests or quizzes, just carefully curated information and worksheets to help you back to harmony!

ALSO includes prioritized one on one guidance via my personal email- get the answers to your questions right away! 

Get started on your holistic healing journey with the information and tools to guide and inspire!


Once you check out, you will receive your first lesson plan at the start of the next class cycle (within ten days). If you want to know when you will receive your first lesson, please email me and i will be sure to let you know more details. Class cycles have limited openings- the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get started!

Each email (delivered daily once the cycle begins) will include step by step instructions on how to work with Crystals (ten ways and ten days!) AND a work sheet to track your progress, thoughts, feelings, and more!