Gratitude Crystal Set


What or who are you thankful for? Gratitude is important for so many reasons. When we express appreciation for the abundance in our lives in the present, we welcome more abundance to ourselves. Enhance your gratitude with this 4 piece Crystal kit featuring one each of the following (1-2 inches each):

Amethyst- the stone of spirituality and contentment. Encourages us to be in the moment and happy with our lives in the ways we can. There is always a silver lining!

Blue Apatite- the stone of communication. Balances the throat chakra and promotes connection to one’s genuine self, filled with love. 

Green Opal- balances the heart chakra. The stone encourages self love and creativity. 

Calcite- the energy amplifier. Brings about a wider perspective and helps us see the big picture. 

These beauties are an excellent companion kit to my new workshop- Crystals and The Law of Attraction. You can learn more about that by clicking here

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