Crystal Zen Garden | Healing Crystals and Stones

Healing Crystal and herb diy sand zen garden kit- comes with everything you need! 

Encourage mental clarity, focus, and optimism with this healing herb and crystal sand garden jar- perfect as decor or a gift! Two different herbs and five different crystals in a 16oz mason jar. Comes complete with a lid, sand, and metaphysical guide. 

Crystals include:

*Peacock Ore (bornite)- for optimism, approximately 3-5 small pieces 
*Quartz Cluster- for mental clarity, 1 crystal approximately 2 inches
*Blue Calcite- for personal empowerment and new beginnings, approximately 3-5 small pieces
*Topaz- for focus and positivity, approximately 3-5 small pieces
*Lepidolite- for peace, 1 piece approximately 1 inch. 

Herbs included in the jars are all organic- Lavender and Rose Buds. 

Not too big and not too small, these adorable crystal and herb sand gardens each come with (similar to pictured) several crystals, real sand, dried lavender, and rose buds. 

This listing is for one glass mason jar crystal and herb zen garden similar to the ones pictured. 

See photos for measurements, these eye catching jars are approximately 6 inches tall with a diameter of approximately 2 inches. The perfect size for bookshelves, desks, counters, window sills, and more! 

Sand, crystals, herbs, and flowers are all genuine and require NO maintenance!

Here's what to expect with your order:

*Arrives in a box
*Jar with chain and feather wrapped for safety (since its glass)
*Crystals in little baggies and labeled
*Herbs in little baggies and labeled
*Sand in a baggie
*Metaphysical Guide

When you receive your order, feel free to arrange the items in the jar however feels right to you. There's no wrong way. You may choose to put all of the crystals, sand, and herbs in the jar or you may choose to leave some out- follow your intuition. Use a slender item such as paintbrush or pen to arrange the items. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.