6 Piece Cleansing Set // Smudge Kit

Cleanse your home, display as decor, or give as a gift! This six piece set comes with one votive candle, one sage/smudge stick, one palo santo stick, one selenite log, one Himalayan salt stone, and one amethyst cluster (cylinders are currently sold out).

Crystals come labeled. Everything comes together in a cotton or organza bag with a metaphysical guide.


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***Abalone shells currently sold out. Message me for more information.

See photos (and below) for measurements

Also perfect for altars, grids, clearing, personal energy improvement, collections, gifts, and more!

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Comes with, similar to pictured:

*One votive candle

*One sage bundle (measuring approximately 3-5 inches)

*One palo santo stick (measuring approximately 3-5 inches)

*One Amethyst cylinder OR 1"+ Cluster (cylinders sold out)

*One selenite stick (measuring approximately 2-3 inches)

*One Himalayan salt stone (measuring approximately 1-2 inches)


Burning sage and palo santo clears negative energies and even bacteria from the air. Just light the bundle/stick, blow it out, and allow the smoke to waft through your space. Only a few moments is needed and then be sure to safely put out the embers. This bundle offers multiple uses when used properly. Please remember to use fire safety and treat your sage/stick with extra care when burning and putting it out.

The sage used in this bundle was gathered at the majestic Mt Shasta in Northern California, USA. Mt Shasta is considered to be the Earth's Root Chakra and as such, this sage encompasses extra grounding potential.

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