Crystal Healing Workshop: Crystals And The Law Of Attraction


Do you want to overcome any of these? 

1. Constant fatigue
2. Feeling like the world is against you
3. Chaos cycles that feel like they are impossible to escape 
4. Financial difficulties
5. Low self esteem

If any of those resonated with you, I completely understand. I’ve been there and experienced all of them at different times in my life. 

But I have to tell you...

Working with Crystals and The Law of Attraction has made HUGE differences. In fact, I’ve overcome every one of the items on the list using a few Crystals I already owned and combining them with The Law of Attraction.

Everything is energy and the more I learn about aligning my energy to shift my perspective, the more I am SURE this is THE answer to everything that is keeping humanity from finding true happiness. YOU can find happiness. And it doesn’t cost a few thousand dollars like the increasingly popular wellness workshops out there. 

I want to share this with you- step by step. Without making you go bankrupt! 

This is a ten day ecourse- no tests or quizzes, just useful step-by-step guidance on exactly how to combine Crystals with The Law of Attraction to shift your energy in the direction you want your life to go.

I will help you go deeper to release resistances that could be blocking your connection with The Law of Attraction. We walk through ten methods over ten days to not only unlock your hidden potential but to also embrace your higher self with the help of your current crystal collection.

Although it is not required to purchase Crystals specifically for this workshop, I do offer sets that would work well such as my Gratitude Set or Beginner Set

The Law of Attraction is always working, is it working FOR your or AGAINST you? Let's unlock your awesomeness!

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